About us

We are a group of experienced business development consultants who are based in the local markets around Europe – Scandinavia, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. Our approach to business is very hands-on, we are practical doers, your ears and eyes on the market. We are also creative & inspirational, technical & critical thinkers . And let’s not forget -  fun to work with!

What we do

European Insiders are market dedicated professionals with well-established local networks. We know our markets and sectors and can help you with your various needs. Please tell us your needs and we can work out how to best approach the market to achieve your desired goals as quickly as possible.


European Insiders provide market intelligence & insight, benchmarkings and real market feedback. Our insiders know how to best test your business idea, product or concept on the markets. Our insiders know how to access and enter the markets, we can build your go-to-market plan together with you and execute it for you too. Insiders are experts at channel and business development and know how to find partners and clients, and analyse them for your decision making. We also provide advisory services and organise inspirational field trips.

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